The medicine delivery app to be a big hit during the COVID-19 phase

The COVID-19 crisis made people go into panic buying mode, and all the essentials, as well as medication, were bought in large numbers due to the lockdown and fear of having scarcity of supplies. This unplanned buying spree became a massive burden on stores who had to deal with the situation as it got out of hand. And people started hoarding hand sanitizers, tablets for fever and cold, along with other essentials that are out of stock in minutes. World leaders appealed to the public that there wouldn’t be a need to buy such large quantities, and there wouldn’t be a shortage of supplies.

During the quarantine phase, you will find that a lot of the people have the notion that no amount of medication stock will be sufficient. It is indeed necessary for people who are on regular medication and chronic ailments to stock up on their supplies of medication during the pandemic. But since the lockdown has imposed restrictions of movement, you cannot always be sure the drug bought will last the period of the lockdown. In such a situation, the medicine delivery apps play a vital role in making sure that you get your medication, and health plans up to the mark. It is indeed a boon to several people who are having to face hardships because of the corona crisis.

How medicine delivery apps help

  • If you need medicines

The quarantine has caused people not to venture from their homes, and medicine delivery apps happen to provide door to door service. You cannot contact in-person for the medication you will be needed as soon as you feel it may run out. The app makes sure that you receive your medication delivery on time. The apps provide the provision of online consultation with a doctor or medical professional so that you can consult them for non-serious cases instead of taking the risk of stepping out and endangering yourself and others. These technological advancements can be of immense help if you try and make use of them. The drug delivery system will be a good aid in helping those to get the medication without having to step out.

  •  You do not have to stock medicines

At times you may have accumulated a pile of medication which might have

  • Expired
  • Damaged
  • Not of desired quality

The app enables you to buy new medication and get you a good discount and help you cut down on the costs of the medication you happen to buy. The delivery app ensures that it will cater to every place irrespective of the location and not restrict themselves to urban areas.

Hurdles that have been faced by the Medicine industry due to COVID-19

  • The spread of COVID-19 was rapid, and several countries were unprepared for the outbreak. It  had not only caused the spread to go out of hand, but a lot of people were getting infected and losing their lives because of the lack of medical facilities.
  • The medical industry couldn’t cope with the influx of patients which were affected by corona or any other diseases.  Due to lock down and mass spreading medicine industry didn’t know how they would be able to provide effective consultation and medication during the pandemic.
  • Adequate health facilities may be present in some areas, but not in the reach of those who got stuck due to lockdown.  Although the telemedicine industry has all the supplies, there couldn’t be able to reach out to the people and provide them with the supplies.
  • Even the manual home delivery is not allowed  as it can be a cause for the spread as the disease is highly contagious.
  • Preventive supplies such as face masks, gloves, sanitizers and other equipment are almost out of stock, and this has led to a situation of panic buying in the market.
  • The doctor can only treat the patient in a medical establishment for which the patient has to travel, which can pose a risk of exposure to  the infection in the process of consulting the doctor for minor illnesses.
  • The aged persons are at a higher risk of getting affected by the COVID-19 because of lower immunity levels. Very high levels of sanitization, social distancing and adequate safety measures will only help to get over these crises.
  • Placing of orders has become more troublesome because of weather, and other factors that can cause interruptions, which may cause death. After all, the urgency of the medication couldn’t be met.

The primary features of the Medicine Delivery app

Interface for the customers-

A medicine delivery app has a simple interface, which makes it quite easy to operate for everyone. You would have to insert some basic information that is asked and the medication requirements, and you are good to go-

  • The profile will include
  • The name of the person
  • Delivery location
  • Health record
  • Other details
  • Scanning of the medical prescriptions and attaching them
  • The user has to mention if he or she has coverage through insurance for the purchase of medication or not. One can avail insurance benefits through such apps.
  • The users can search for
  • the doctors that they would like to consult
  • the medication
  • the pricing
  • delivery accessibility
  • There are different payment modes available on such apps. The user can use any of them as per their convenience.
  • App provides notifications to the users for the-
  • At the availability
  • Time of delivery
  • Future availability
  • The users can freely express their opinion about the experience they had while using the app in the form of ratings.
  • There is a perfect delivery schedule in place with a three-hour window. At the same time, quick delivery options are also provided.
  • The monthly refills can be scheduled if the user opts for such. The app would note the monthly requirement and regularly deliver the supplies  till further notification from the user.
  • There is an option of contract from as well. Filling up the contact form will make the delivery process easier.

Interface for the Delivery Agents –

The interface for the delivery agents’ differs from customers’, it includes-

  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly interface with maps. The delivery agents should provide exact locations so that  the user can reach out to the pharmacy in case of emergencies
  • There is a notification feature that  has the options of SMS or even a call to allow better communication. The pharmacy owners can update the customers through these options easily.
  • Every delivery agent enrolled in the app has to create a unique profile along with essential details and working hours. This profile will help the customers to identify the supplier.

Interface for the Pharmacy Admin  –

The admin panel is equipped with all the essential features required to regulate the customers and delivery agents.

  • The pharmacy page should consist of
  • Available prescription medicine
  • Source
  • Terms and conditions
  • There has to be a 24/7 chatbot integration to the app for FAQs and queries.
  • There has to be CMS integration to develop a strong relationship with all the users.
  • The licensed pharmacist will have to manage the orders, through
  • Receiving prescription files
  • Accepting orders
  • Declining requests
  • The behavior tracking will enable the admin to check the order details of the users. Through this feature they can understand the buying pattern of the customers and predict the future requirements.                        
  • The app is programmed to integrate with the inventory of the pharmacist. This enables better management of the demand and supply.
  • There are role-based dashboards in the app that helps the admin for categorizing and keeping a close eye on different activities.
  • Flexible modes of payment to enhance the efficiency of the app.
  • Having lab aggregation helps those who are quarantined in-home, weak, disabled, aged, etc. As they wouldn’t have to go to the labs for providing samples as well as the various reports. Through such apps samples can be provided with the help of collecting agents and reported can be received via mail.
  • There is perfect CMS integration to allow the admin to put in necessary data or get rid of unwanted data and make the app more efficient.
  • Different marketing tools are also available to increase the efficiency of the application.

Why is a medicine delivery app needed

The proposition of getting an app, especially for medicine delivery, is unique. The demand  for such applications is always present in the market and during the COVID-19 lockdown, it has become a part of essential services. It is proven to be useful on many occasions. Medicine delivery apps will enhance the health facilities and provide a better cure to all those people who are dealing with any diseases. It is a revolutionary idea that will take the health industry to the next level. At the same time, it is beneficial for the patients, pharmacists, laboratories, doctors and owners of application as well.

Who all are required to create the app to work

You can not create any sophisticated application without help of experts for medicine app you need-

  • A responsible project manager
  • Expert backend developers
  • Graphic designers
  • QA testers needed to check on the app
  • UI/UX designers needed to make the app user-friendly

The number of project managers and the developers needed for the app may vary depending on the complexity and deadline of the project.


The tech-stack that would be needed for the development of the app is-

For payments

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • E-wallets

For SMS, voice and phone verifications

  • Nexmo
  • Twilio

For push notifications

  • Twilio

For real-time analytics

  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Apache Flink
  • Big data
  • Cisco
  • IBM

For database-

  • MongoDB
  • HBase
  • Cassandra
  • Postgres
  • Mailchimp integration

The working of the medicine delivery app

The working process is quite similar to any cab service or food   app where you can track the order with the help of GPS. The delivery app pretty much works in the same way. Wherein you

  • Create a profile
  • Complete an order
  • Pay for it
  • Track it in real-time

But it cannot be categorized as a standard delivery service app because there has to be a prescription verification by a regulated system, which is part of the medicine delivery app. Medicine can’t be disbursed like edibles, there are several norms associated with it. Not everyone can sell medicines similarly, not everyone is authorised to purchase any drug. 

When you think of developing such apps, there will be a need for qualified medical personnel on board, who will provide consulting services. Hence we can say that a collaborative effort will need to create an app that can enhance the level of healthcare facilities in India.

Advantages of medicine delivery app

  • Through such apps, customers can place the order from their home or workplace. They don’t have to rush to the medical store in case of any emergency. Suppose someone from your family is in hospital and doctors prescribe a medicine that is not available in the local market then you can take advantage of medicine delivery apps instead of wandering shop to shop in the search of medicine.
  • The app will help to increase opportunities for the pharmacies to look further in developing their business.
  • The inventory can be checked easily through the app, and you will be aware of the expiry of the medicines without checking each box separately.
  • In the COVID-19 scenario, it is essential that we have robust health care facilities to minimise the manual loss due to the pandemic.
  • Regular medicine users will get benefited from the medicine delivery app to a great extent.
  • The customers can avail heavy discounts on medicines as they get directly connected to wholesalers.


The COVID-19 lockdown has made people look at different alternatives as regular buying is ruled out; hence technology can play a pivotal role in the form of a medicine delivery app, and other such applications. In the current scenario we all have to work towards finding the alternatives for our day-to-day activities of mass gatherings.

Hopefully, we would be able to eradicate the CORONA virus from the human society in the next few months, but online medicine delivery is something that is a dire need of everyone in the society because we fall ill weather it’s because of  CORONA or any other disease.  You may read our another article- Online Medicine Delivery App Development Cost and Features to know more about medicine delivery apps.

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