Online Medicine Delivery App Development Cost and Features

 As a result of recent technological advancements in mind, it was predicted that medicine retail through online means would reach a $26 billion market by 2018. The applications selling medicine and drugs online will have the upper hand in the health mobile applications industry, which will hit 4 million in numbers pretty soon. The demand for medicine delivery apps like in the industry is showing a steady rise in the graphs. Successful apps in this field like and have proven to be efficient and set a great example of how to use the available technology.

Considering the demand, more competitors are entering this open market which calls for a unique competitive advantage. The current technology offers other features like Cloud computing, Big Data, CRM, BI etc. which can also be exploited well to bring in a competitive advantage.

An insight into some IT upgradations in the Pharmaceutical industry

  • Pharmaceutical CRM Software
  • Supply chain Management
  • Inventory Management Software
  • POS Software
  • Online medicines delivery mobile app
  • eCommerce Web Portals
  • Sales & Distribution Software
  • MR Reporting Software

Now, let’s take a close at the different interfaces that you can get in any medicine delivery application.

The User Panel

The user panel is designed for any ordinary user who downloads the application and uses it for ordering the medicines. In the user panel, you will find-

  • New user registration: The new user can create an account through a Mail ID or other social media profiles.
  • Notifications: Push notification alerts to users about the availability of medicine, offers and discounts available etc.
  • Fitness and Supplementary products: Providing information and detailed analysis of the supplements and other fitness products to the users.
  • Shopping cart: Allows the users to add medicines or other supplements into the cart and check out conveniently.
  • Expert Advice: The users can interact with doctors and other medical experts, talk, clear their concerns and queries.
  • Order Tracking: Push alerts about the current status and updates on the order once it is placed.
  • Product Comparison: The user can compare two or more medicines on the basis of its price or other factors comfortably.
  • Search box: A typical search bar for users with filters and sorting features where they can find their medicines easily.
  • Prescriptions: The users can upload photos of the prescription on the app as well.
  • Return and Refund Policy: If the user finds the medicine unsuitable or doesn’t go with their needs can be returned, and a refund can be claimed.
  • Quality of products: The user will be given access to see the approvals and certifications of the medicine.
  • Payment Getaways: The user will be able to pay with most of the available digital wallets according to his or her convenience.
  • Offers and Loyalty scores: The user will be awarded upon completion of a set of missions, like referrals or purchases.
  • News blogs: All the latest developments, articles and news updates from reliable sources related to the medical field can be posted for users

The Store Panel

This panel is designed for the owner of a medical store who can register as the supplier for medicines. Here you will get-

  • Registration: Just like users, a supplier account needs to be created with Mail ID or other social media profiles.
  • Product information management: All the details of the product from its name to ingredients and composition, dosage and other necessary instructions managed.
  • Price Management: The MRP of the product varies with the demand and supply in the market managed by the administrator.
  • Supply and Delivery management: The store has control over and connections with the parties involved in processing delivery.
  • Product Management: The storekeeper decides which product should appear first in the search which can be influenced by other factors.
  • User Communication: The user and the store are connected through the application. They can interact and share thoughts.
  • Information management: The store keeps a track on the users, sign-ups and other related data concerned with the users.
  • Managing Orders: The store manager and his team keep up to the orders placed by the users and process it.
  • Similar Products: Products that are related to the search term of the user are displayed to provide choices for the user.
  • Ratings and Reviews: The store has access to all the ratings, reviews or feedbacks, suggestions made by the user on a product.
  • Offers Management: The store will have to keep a track on the offers and discounts allotted to the users as a reward.

The Admin Panel

The admin panel is for the owner of the application who can manage different activities of the application. The admin can decide if they want to allow the free registration for store owners or take any restoration charge. This panel includes:

  • Dashboard: Admin Panel has complete control over the incoming requests, and they can fix the delivery dates as per the demand and availability of the product.
  • Payments Management: The payments made by users over different platforms are channelled to the admin panel and are distributed from here.
  • Notifications Management: The notification alerts by the application are out up by the admin panel.
  • Monetisation: The admin panel manages all types of payments.
  • User and Storekeeper Management: The admin panel manages all the registered users, their activities and the Storekeepers.
  • Marketing: The admin panel directly manages all kinds of promotional activities that the application does.
  • Analytics: The complete statistics of the user-related and storekeeper related data are accessed and processed by the Admin panel.

Other essential features that one can find in a medicine delivery app are-

  • User interface: One of the most significant elements of any application is the user interface. The UI needs to be a user-friendly one; the user should find it easy and comfortable to use the app.
  • Multilingual support feature: Not just English, enabling the multilingual feature in the application by including more languages used by the target audience makes it easier for users to use the application. In this way, they’ll be able to understand all the features and services provided by the application.
  • Customized search feature: The customized search feature involving tools like Filtering, sorting, etc. which is used to shortlist the products makes it easier for users to find the products they want, which serves a specific purpose.
  • Advice from Experts: This feature enables interaction with leading doctors and medical experts for the users who can make use of this feature to clear their doubts, queries, or concerns with their health.
  • Track the nearby store: This feature in the application helps in finding the nearest medical store using the global positioning system. It will be a great help for the users during times of emergency.
  • Appointments with laboratories: The users can use this feature available in the application in order to pre-book appointments with nearby or selected laboratories. The application also provides the tests’ facilities available in the laboratory. The user can also compare the price range of different service providers.
  • Cloud storage and management: By using the cloud storage facility, the user will be able to access his account or profile with the application in any other device of his choice. It keeps a backup of the purchases and additional important information related to a user safe and secured.
  • Medical store collection: This feature will be of great use when the user is out of town or having an emergency. The product ordered will be delivered to the medical store, which can be later collected.
  • Upload of documents: This feature simplifies the entire task of searching, filtering, and sorting the products one by one. By uploading the picture of the doctor’s prescription, results from the laboratory, etc. it will be easier for the application to scan it and provide the appropriate product results.
  •  Quality of the product sold: Last but not least, the application only lists the guaranteed products which are approved by the government. It is essential to ensure safety and make sure all the products which have passed the test are only ones listed on the site.


The technology is one of the cruelest factors for any kind of application, at Albatross media you will find only the latest technologies like-

  • Datastzax can be used for data management purposes.
  • Softwares like Twilio, Sinch and Nexmo for the ID verification and registration needs.
  • For pushing notification alerts, APNS is recommended.
  • AWS and Google best options for cloud storage
  • The real-time analytics can be derived through Spark, BigData, Cisco, IBM.
  • Raintree, Paypal and Stripe can assist with accepting payments through different getaways.
  • Cassandra, Postgress, Hbase is recommended for database management.
  • Mandrill and MailChimp will help with mailing assistance.

The Team Structure

A bunch of professional application developers, application testers at an early stage, a creative team is essential for developing an medicine delivery app for retail.

Application Developers:  This term is used for professionals who develop the application. You may find developers for different platforms, like Android, iOS, windows etc.

Testers: The ones who ensure the performance of the application by running numerous test runs, analysing every aspect of the application is addressed as a tester.

Application designers: The creative team who work on creating a friendly user interface, mostly graphic designers who deal with the layout, gestures etc. of the application falls in this category.

Project Manager: The head of the team, who manages the development of the application and it’s functioning from top to bottom. A project manager is responsible for the success and failure of the application.

The Medicine delivery App cost

The physical location of the medicine delivery app plays a major role in influencing the developer cost, other than the inbuilt features and hours invested. South Asian countries are preferred over American and European countries due to lesser development costs. Here, a basic application for online medicine retail services can be developed at $10,000 and a more comprehensive application for $20,000 to $30,000.

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