How to Make App like Dream11?

In human life fantasy and reality goes hand in hand! Sometimes we realist the fantasy while there are occasions when we fantasise the reality. Even in various cases, we cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality.  In the era of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the expectations of viewers from the game have changed completely. Well, If the question- how to make Application like dream11  is still bothering then you should search for the best fantasy app development company via any online or offline platform and you will be redirected to the home page of  Albatross Media. Due to this fact, we claim ourselves as the most trustworthy fantasy app developer in India.

Fantasy Cricket apps come up with an idea to enhance the experience of watching and enjoying the most loved game of the nation i.e. Cricket. But not everyone is aware of fantasy cricket. There are a few questions such as why is fantasy cricket is becoming popular? How to create an app like Dream11? So, let us discuss in detail about the development process of fantasy apps.

As we all are aware of the Madness for Cricket in the Indian subcontinent hence such kind fantasy cricket development apps provide a strong pavement to make big profits in a short duration of time. Our executive will answer your all queries like –how to develop App like dream11?  Who is the targeted audience? Which is the best time to launch the app? One can decide the fundamental design of the application as per choice and targeted audience but usually, a fantasy app contains the following options-

  • Registration / Login Page
  • Home Screen
  • Settings
  • My profile.
  • Contest or joining
  • Payment.

How much it cost to make app like dream11?

If you are planning to launch a gaming application for- cricket, football, hockey, tennis, kabaddi, badminton or any other sport then you must be curious to know about the costing of the app, So let’s discuss those factors which affect the cost of such application. 

  • The overall expenditure of development and marketing depends on the geographical location. Due to the abundance of human resources, the development cost in India is quite low as compared to other developed nations.
  • The next factor that may affect the cost of any app is the level of complexity. If the application is more complex then you need to pay more to the developers. If you also wanted to launch a fantasy sports application then the best development and marketing team of Albatross media and entertainment is just one click away from you to provide genuine answers for how to make app like dream11?
  • The platform of the application is also a very prominent factor when it comes to development cost. For Android OS you will find plenty of developers, as the coding is simple as compared to IOS, so you can complete the development work in less expenditure. On the other hand, developing application for iPhone is comparatively expensive as it requires complex coding. At Albatross Media we have expert developers for both Android and IOS to fulfill all the expectations of users.

The bottom line is that- the fantasy apps are a perfect combination of creativity and technology to maximise the joy of sports. The owners of such apps are making big profits in quick time. Hence, it is clear that the craze offantasy sportsis only going to increase in the coming time in India and other countries.

Why are you waiting for? Just team up with an experienced platform to develop your own fantasy app!

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