How to develop a video streaming app like Amazon Prime or Netflix

In the current scenario, it is hard to find a single mobile phone without Netflix or Amazon Prime. So don’t you think, it is the time to have a close look at the business model and the development of such video streaming applications. If your answer is yes then this article is for you.

Video Streaming Apps: What Are They?

If we take a look at the evolution of the entertainment industry, it has travelled all the way from books, theatres to our handheld devices. One such method of entertainment is video streaming. Streaming is a process in which data is transmitted to the server through the internet, and it keeps getting transmitted continuously, which results in video playback starting while the rest of the content gets received. This method has ended the old need for painfully searching and downloading your favourite videos. At a click, you can watch anything of your liking that’s available.

When we look at the trends in video streaming apps, we’ll come across Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, HBO Now etc, as the most popular ones. The main reason behind their popularity is the effortless streaming feature, but many people look for an alternative to this.

Luckily for these people and you, streaming apps can be built quite easily with many popular features. So what are the key aspects of such applications? Let’s have a look!

Just go through this article and read it till the end to know more about how streaming service and Video Streaming apps are beneficial and also how you can build and develop your Video Streaming app alternative to the popular ones.

Video Streaming Apps: What Do They Offer?

Portability and easy access on mobile phones: As we know, this is the era of smart phones and streaming service providers have developed their applications for smart devices. All this results in your favourite videos and shows can be easily accessed through your cell phone. We couldn’t imagine this sort of ease and comfort a few years back. But as our phones have gotten portable, you can carry your favourite content everywhere and watch it anytime. Video Streaming apps being so compatible with smart phone is one of their best features.

Regular updates and notifications: What makes Video Streaming apps stand out from movies or television is the power of choice and information. Such video streaming apps have a feature to send you regular notifications about the content you’re watching, or you’ve watched. Also, it provides fresh updates about recommended content. Knowing your content beforehand and notifications don’t let you miss your favourite programs. If you’re keen to build your video streaming app, this feature will provide the user with more programs of his preferred genres.

What matters most to you: With Video Streaming apps power is in the hand of the user. You decide what you want to watch, not a box in front of you. While streaming video apps on your mobile phones, you get more choices of the genre, style, and interest. You can pick and watch videos of your liking.

Social Media lets you connect: Video Streaming apps these days come with social site integration features. Meaning that you can connect your social media accounts to apps community or network features. The benefit of social integration is that you can make a group of friends for watching or find people like you who love the same content.

Content that’s new and fresh: Streaming services are also different from television in the sense that they keep providing new and fresh content every time. They are able to do so by making users subscribe to their paid service and thus keep producing the new programmes. Users are also happy with this feature as they keep getting entertained with new content. If you develop a Video Streaming app, do keep in mind this aspect of the service.

Subscription: This feature is the way of earning for the service provider of streaming apps. More features and services along with the content you provide, more a user will be keen to purchase the subscription. Video Streaming apps offer multiple subscription plans based on their service and users.

Register multiple times and Individual Profile: One feature that is behind the popularity of Video Streaming apps is their accessibility. Just like any of your favourite social networks, you can sign in with the email and some details. You’ll have your profile on the service and can customise your preferences, language and connections. Also, an essential feature for streaming is the video quality customisation which allows you to adjust stream quality based on your choice.

Sorted Features of Netflix-like Apps

One of the most popular Video streaming apps is Netflix. Netflix is operational because it has a vast rear-end process for streaming data transmission. The cost is different according to the number of features a Video Streaming app has. So if you’re just in starting phase, then build your Video Streaming app with basic and main features. The reason behind that is more features cost more money. When your app reaches an expected level of popularity, then you can add more things to it.

• Registration: You can’t imagine your Video Streaming app without feature for users to register. If users don’t have a profile or separate identity of your app, it’ll not be accessible. A better choice is registration options via email or social media accounts.

• Design: If you cluster your app too much with complicated features, no user would be interested in your streaming service. People want to feel relaxed when they are enjoying their time on your service. So do remember to provide them with a seamless experience through easy navigation and design.

•Platform: Most famous platforms for smart phone devices are IOS and Android. In practicality, there’s not much fundamental difference between them both, but still, you should start with one OS when in the initial stage of developing your Video Streaming app. After gaining popularity on one OS, you should move to the others as more platforms mean more users.

•Payment Gateways: When you’re using Android or Apple devices, you don’t need to integrate the payment gateways separately into the Video Streaming App. These OS have their payment systems on mobile devices where you can pay with a click fr available options. Payments are required for user subscriptions. Separate payment features are needed if you want to sell something through your app.

• User Profile: This feature is like a private space for the user. User can put their favourites into a playlist or out sort their preferences here. Also, they can share their choices with other users.

• Blocking Screenshots: This feature is a security feature that protects copyrights and bans users from taking a screenshot of the content.

•Chat Box and Comments: Users can communicate and tell their reaction through comments.

• Updates: Users receive notifications for new releases etc.

•Multi language support: Users can be from different areas, so apps like this require several languages support.

•Content Search:  Users can easily search for content based on preferences, recommendations and reviews.

• Settings: Video play controls, volume controls, audio and subtitle management controls are here.

Features In Addition

Features mentioned above were some popular ones, but if you develop a new app, you can also add these unique ones.

•Social integration: Users can share info and search for shows on social platforms.

•Live streaming: You can provide a real-time broadcast of some sports or other events.

• Ratings and Feedback: Users should have an option to rate programs and shows you provide. Review and feedback about service and content can be taken through this feature.

• Friends: Like any other social platforms users should be able to share their choices with friends or find new ones with similar taste.

• Downloading: Offline saving of the content allows users to stream even without internet.

• Quality of videos: User should be able to adjust video quality according to their requirements.

•Geo-Restrictions: Some areas or countries of the world have specific legal or technical restrictions. So your content could be restricted according to the guidelines while reaching the most number of users.

•Recommendation of content: When building a video streaming app, you can see users watch history and preferences through this feature. Thus your app can offer recommendations based on user choices and what they may like. Netflix does it all the time.

•Backend information: Some users love to know more about their favourite shows or characters. So you can integrate some inside stories of facts with content.

These features are going to drive a user to your app and mesmerise them.

 Key points to remember while developing a video streaming app:

Before you jump straight into the development process, the main thing to remember is that this kind of intricate apps like Amazon Prime or Netflix is going to take its time, and you need to have patience and care. Here are some things to keep in mind when you start the development process:

• Conduct detailed research and find out what features a user wants most and what is lacking.

• Enlist the required functions and features you need to provide so you can do effective cost calculation.

• A certain targeted study is required, and the UX results from this audience, it then can be used to design and manage the app.

• Make a prototype and test it with the audience, so the wireframing is ensured.

• Display and collect user opinions.

• Study your alternatives and their framework.

• Determine the type of your work and targeted user base.

Steps for building a Video Streaming Application

Streaming an application like existing popular one’s (Netflix and Amazon Prime) is not a child’s play. But it’s not unattainable too.

You should follow these steps if you want to achieve your goal with excellence.

  1.  Lay down a strategy and structure of your project.
  2. Form a reliable team and identify the kind of software structure you want.
  3.  Acquire the PaaS account and then for MBaaS for mobile phones.
  4. Choose and select a dependable cloud streaming service.
  5.  The management plan for user subscriptions should be formulated.
  6.  With the help of PM tools, manage your project.
  7.  Publish your app on both mobile OS Android and IOS.
  8.  Make it available on Android play store and IOS app store after testing.
  9.  Create and design an interactive user interface.
  10.  Take the help of Node.js to develop your app.
  11.  At last, remember to provide in-app purchases with the help of e-commerce APIs.

Android and IOS are popular on smart phones where’s the Windows is the PC alternative of them. Your application would be much popular if it’s accessible to many users over all these platforms.

Development of Video Streaming apps: Technologies to use –

1. Programming Language: Java, Flutter, Swift and PHP are widely used popular options.

2. Frameworks: Choose one of the recommended features like Gradle, Retrofit, Codeigniter, In-app Purchase, Push Notifications, 3D touch and Cocoa Touch.

3. Type of Storage:  Popular ones are MySQL/Mongo and AWS.

Above mentioned steps may seem lengthy to you and would take you some time. It’s not the task of a single person. Do smart work not hard work. The sensible thing would be to reach out to one of the popular app development companies. These companies can help you in building a supreme quality Video Streaming app for you. Do keen research and get your project developed.

Now you must be feeling confident about the development of your own video streaming apps like Amazon Prime or Netflix if yes then the best developers of this section i.e. Albatross Media is just one click away from you.

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