How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like TikTok

The way of music streaming has witnessed around the clock change since the different music apps introduced into the market like TikTok, Pandora, Spotify, etc. Most youths of this era consider these apps as a source of entertainment that keeps them connected with the rest of the world. Whenever you open any social site like Facebook or Instagram, you will find several TikTok videos. Hence, it is true that the presence of TikTok is universal. After knowing about the success of these apps, everyone wants to launch such apps in the market. Here, we will discuss all the features of such video apps that help all those persons who are interested in building apps similar to TikTok. This article will cover all the aspects of TikTok from its revenue model to popularity.

So first, let’s try to understand different kinds of music video apps.

  1. Music Streaming app: In these kinds of apps, you can only listen to music only like- jioSavan.
  2. Social music video app: In the Social music video app, one can shoot the videos on the available voiceovers.

TikTok Mobile App- An introduction

A Chinese company owns the sensational musical application TikTok. This app permits its users to prepare videos that they can post on different social sites like Facebook or Instagram. It allows you to create videos with several animations and songs that look like a complete entertaining dose. The popularity of the TikTok music video app has gone to a different stage in recent years as it includes nearly 150 million daily users. It is one of the dominant players in the mobile-based entertainment industry. 

Every day numerous videos are created on the TikTok app; some of them are funny; some of them are informative; some of them are serious; it is your choice what you want to watch. It is an incredible platform with millions of users, which allows everyone to show their talent, awareness, and share some special moments with others.

What is the reason for the worldwide popularity of TikTok

We are all familiar with the popularity of TikTok as we are witnessing the people’s craziness around us. They are mad about creating their videos and usually post them on different social platforms. One time this kind of madness was seen for other social sites like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and youtube. It left behind all other social concerning apps having maximum downloads in the non-gaming apps section on the IOS system. According to a survey, other apps remained from two to the fourth rank while TikTok is leading the telly since 2018.

The TikTok app was developed by a person named Yiming Chang in 2012 in China, owned by a company Bytedance. In July month they announced that their users had reached 500000 in numbers worldwide. Even today the magic of TikTok is clearly visible, several big celebrities of the entertainment world are quite active on this application.

What features are required to develop an app like TikTok?

If you also want to occupy a sweet spot not only in phones but also in the hearts, then you must include the following features in your app:

  • Simple interface for users: For a developer, it is vital to create an app that can easily understandable by the users. Because if the user does not feel comfortable while using it, then the purpose of developing the app will never meet with the expectations. The music video apps are designed with very easy to understand and user-friendly interface so that users can connect quickly and feel familiar with its usage.
  • Hearts acts as currency: If you liked a video, but you don’t want to follow the maker, then no worry gives them a heart by tapping on the image. This button is a little similar to like in Instagram with a small difference. The maker in TikTok can follow all the hearts that he/she had received. It shows how many users have appreciated your creativity.
  • Live events: This is an essential feature that helps in making an app successful. Live events option is the way of sharing your real-life events like any game, a video lecture, a road trip or any other activity with others. Even some people share the live videos of their wedding ceremony or any seminar through such apps. Along with that, the usage of hashtags on TikTok gives a fresh feel to everyone.
  • Expressive tools: The most important feature that can make your app successful is the usage of expressive tools. In TikTok, many expressive tools have been involved that makes the app unique in many ways like the addition of filters, AR affects, quick editing, video shortening, etc.
  • Group feature: The TikTok app includes very interesting features in it; one of them is duets. In duets, a user can create a video with another one on the same screen. This feature is liked by everyone because it gives you a chance of recording with your loved ones.
  • Share with other platforms: A successful app always has a feature of sharing on other platforms. Apps like TikTok allow their users to share profile on YouTube, Instagram or any other platform. Tiktok app will enable you to share your videos on different social media platforms which helps you to increase the number of followers.
  • Use your voiceovers: Tiktok is a popular app that allows you to use your original voice while creating a video. It permits you to present your complete potential before the audience. This feature makes TikTok different from others.
  • Use of Hashtags: It is an innovative idea that makes the TikTok furthermore popular.
  • Library of the music: A big list of different kinds of music you will get in the library of such apps that never stops.
  • Chance to get money: This feature is also responsible for the success of the TikTok app. One can make money through the advisements and fan following. The amount of credit depends on the popularity of the user.
  • Allows to share video or pictures: The TikTok app allows their users to share pictures and videos on different platforms. This feature adds an element of excitement in the app.
  • Use of special effects: The TikTok platform has provided many special effects to their users like they can choose the background music of their choice, add voice filters, emojis and build their entertaining videos very easily.
  • Profile sharing activity: A rare feature that has been included in the TikTok app is profile sharing. A user can share his profile with the others that help in increasing popularity among the other music video platform.
  • Allows to link other social accounts: Tiktok permits its users to link their other social media accounts in their profile, through this feature the user can share the Tiktok video on other platforms just by one click.
  • Available at Android and IOS: The TikTok app is developed for both the android and IOS devices. It works smoothly on both.
  • Analytics for real-time: This feature is added for the admin who manages the live viewers and broadcasters all over. Admin has the information about the usage of the app and past data information.
  • Design of video streaming: This is the vital feature of all the video apps because it is necessary to run your videos on external sources instead of internal. This feature helps in keeping your mobile memory free.
  • Location broadcasting: It is another feature for the video app so that that users can get broadcasts according to their region. A developer marks the live broadcast that is running with green colour while the recorded videos showed on the map with red colour.
  • Push warnings:  This is a handy feature for all the users that they get the notifications on their screen without opening the app every time.

Some important facts you should know about TikTok that will help you in developing a better one.

Tiktok is the hot sensation of the current era; it a platform that has something for everyone. Some lesser-known facts of this application are-

  • Tiktok allows their users to create their small videos and post them easily.
  • It developed in China but became popular all over the world in quick time. It has approx. 500 million active users.
  • Some people start saying that TikTok is irritating and scary, but the creators of this app still have millions of die heart fans.
  • Tiktok allows its users to make reaction clips that sometimes seems quite entertaining.

Exclusive features that you will find in Tiktok

TikTok has several unique features that made it popular worldwide. You can found this app almost every mobile. Some of the exclusive features are:

  1. Allow unlimited musical clips to the users: If a developer wants their app to be successful, he has to add some unique features in it as TikTok did. TikTok app gives a plethora of fun to their users as it allows them to see the infinite number of short videos. It will enable them to explore more and more; the list never ends!
  2. Convert a mobile into a portable studio: Tiktok video app has bought a revolutionary change into the mobile world. In the past, people use their mobile-only to talk or play games. Nobody had imagined that one day their small mobile become a moving studio with immense features. It permits their users to make their short videos and post them on different platforms.
  3. Use of special effects:  A large number of special effects are available on this app that you can use during the shooting of video or clicking pictures. Along with that, the user has the freedom to select the background music.
  4. Multiple sharing: User can share their videos and photos on various platforms so that they found an opportunity to get fame.

Safety issues associated with the TikTok app

The TikTok had faced several queries related to the safety of the user’s data in the beginning. Some of the countries like Indonesia and Thailand have banned this app as well. According to them, it is harmful to children. The developers of TikTok then worked hard on its safety and added more privacy features in it. They add the feature of permanent deletion of any account. Private video features were also added later to strengthen the security of the application.

What are the technologies used by the TikTok?

The theological aspect of the TikTok is quite strong here you will get-

  • Real-time analytics via Azure Stream Analytics, Spark Streaming, Apache Flink
  • Cloud computing via AWS
  •  Debian operating system
  • Mandrill is used for emails
  • Datastax for DB management
  • Database- Mail Chimp Integration, Postgress, Cassandra, HBase, Mongo DB
  • Verifying SMS, voice and phones via- Twilio, Nexmo
  • Push alerts via-, Twilio
  • Transcoding of video and audio via-FFMPEG or third-party solutions like Amazon elastic
  • Cloud storage via-Google Cloud Storage, Azure & Amazon S3
  • GWT programming
  • Payments via- Paypal& Braintree, e-Wallet, Stripe
  • Content delivery-Amazon cloud
  • Configuration on the media server-HTTPS, RTMP & HTTP
  • Configurations of prevalent media players of phone and laptop.

The TikTok app development team

If you want to develop a fantastic application like TikTok, then you will need –

  • A project manager
  • Experts on database
  • QA experts
  • Designer for UX/UI
  • Developer for Android and IOS platforms
  • Delivery manager

How to make money from music apps?

Now let us discuss different earning options that are available in music video applications-

  1. In-app buying: In-app buying means that a company takes some amount from its user at the time of upgrading the basic version or when the user needs some specific feature in the app. This feature is not present in most of the music apps even you will not found this one in TikTok.
  2. Funding: One can get funds from investors who are willing to invest money in your business idea. This model is quite prevalent in India.
  3. App selling: Many developers sell their apps for earning more, but in that case, they have no copyright over the application.
  4. Advertisement: The most prominent source of the income for any app owner is the advertisement. If your application has sufficient users, then you can get an adequate number of ads easily.

The development cost of music apps

The development cost of music apps depends on several factors. Few factors that help in knowing the estimated amount are :

  • Number of used resources
  • Region for development
  • The number of platforms on which it runs
  • The number of people involved in the development of the app
  • Design for software, etc.

So, in short, you can build an app like TikTok in just $5000. But if you want to replace this one, then you have to come up with some additional features which may increase your budget. Now you have a complete idea about different aspects of the TikTok. If you want to dig deeper, then read our article- Insights to create an App like Byte and TikTok.

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