Online Medicine Delivery App Development Cost and Features

 As a result of recent technological advancements in mind, it was predicted that medicine retail through online means would reach a $26 billion market by 2018. The applications selling medicine and drugs online will have the upper hand in the health mobile applications industry, which will hit 4 million in numbers pretty soon. The demand […]

5 Key roles of digital marketing in political campaign Jo Dikhta Hai VO Hi Sarkar Banata Hai!

digital marketing

When you are going to cast the vote, how will you select the right candidate? If we go by bookish definition then we can say past record, development, intention, public life etc, but the reality is very different from ideality. You will never vote for a person whom you don’t know! According to political campaign […]


Over a period of time, the function of HR has seen a transformational period and is constantly evolving. With the innovation in technology, HR has created more opportunities and is inevitably growing. It works toward an emphasis on talent management, managing the balance as well as strengthening the performance improvement. They play a fundamental role […]

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