How to develop a video streaming app like Amazon Prime or Netflix

In the current scenario, it is hard to find a single mobile phone without Netflix or Amazon Prime. So don’t you think, it is the time to have a close look at the business model and the development of such video streaming applications. If your answer is yes then this article is for you. Video […]

Food Delivery Business Model: The economics behind the success of zomato

Times are changing, and we have to change ourselves to cope up with the changes around the world. Preparing a lunch box every day and carrying it to the workplace is not significant anymore as you have to spend 9 to 10 hours of a day in the office so the food may get spoiled […]

A Complete Guide on How to Develop an App like Zomato or Food Delivery Apps?

Apparently, the online food delivery applications are considered as the game changers in the service sector. The comforts of ordering food online from your home through an application and having it delivered to your doorstep is undoubtedly an innovative idea that is accepted by the market wholeheartedly. On-demand food delivery giants like Doordash, Postmates, GrubHub, […]

The medicine delivery app to be a big hit during the COVID-19 phase

The COVID-19 crisis made people go into panic buying mode, and all the essentials, as well as medication, were bought in large numbers due to the lockdown and fear of having scarcity of supplies. This unplanned buying spree became a massive burden on stores who had to deal with the situation as it got out […]

Online Medicine Delivery App Development Cost and Features

 As a result of recent technological advancements in mind, it was predicted that medicine retail through online means would reach a $26 billion market by 2018. The applications selling medicine and drugs online will have the upper hand in the health mobile applications industry, which will hit 4 million in numbers pretty soon. The demand […]

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like TikTok

The way of music streaming has witnessed around the clock change since the different music apps introduced into the market like TikTok, Pandora, Spotify, etc. Most youths of this era consider these apps as a source of entertainment that keeps them connected with the rest of the world. Whenever you open any social site like […]

Top Future Oriented Web Design Trends

The website is an important thing for any kind of business these days. Designing the appropriate website that answers your customer needs should be the main focus while developing the website. Trends are changing day to day, the website with relevant content will be a crucial thing for any kinds of business to extract leads […]

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Fan Super League?

Fantasy Sports has gained a lot of prominence’s these days and people are hugely indulged in finding the best applications. In turn, allowing you to get a wonderful experience of playing your favorite game and uplift the sportsmen spirit. The games have been achieving even more love due to these applications and the increase in […]

Why 2019-2020 is the best season to launch a fantasy cricket app?

Cricket is no longer just played as a game; it is rather a religion. People are furious if their team loses the match, and party when their team wins. Surely, fantasy cricket is gaining prominence with time and Fan Super League is doing wonders in making your game better and more realistic. Opportunities for Fantasy […]

Most Common Challenges in Web Development

Setting up a website does not only require the use of website designing technicalitiesbut also requires the knowledge of legal and ethical guidelines that a web developershould adhere to before working on the web design and content. Ethics can be defined as a set of standards that govern the conduct of a community orprofession. Ethics […]

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